Coordinated Patient Support


Coordinated Patient Support

CRM Based Patient Care

Physicians’ busy schedule leave them with little or no time to educate patients on the drug, disease, compliance, monitoring etc. However, on the other hand patients have become more demanding and have higher expectations from their health practitioners. Increasing number of patient to doctor ratio accentuates these situations further.

Saarathi provides the necessary proactive support to doctors that help them manage and treat their patients in a better manner and thus facilitate better treatment outcomes.

Patient Counselling

Saarathi undertakes Tele counselling on disease condition and lifestyle queries by trained counsellors. Saarathi counsellors also provide physical counselling services to the patients at the doctor’s clinics.

Coordination for Treatment

Saarathi maintains a symbiotic relationship with all the stakeholders to ensure hassle-free and well-coordinated healthcare delivery. If a patient needs to undergo a test, Saarathi coordinates with the lab and updates the reports in the CRM to help them understand the nature of disease and progress of the treatment.


Coordinated Drug distribution

Through our Pharmacy ‘Vivra Wellness’, we provide the patient with the right medicine at the right time and at the right place. In addition to the specific prescription drug, we carry and distribute the full assortment of products (in range and depth) to meet the needs of patients. Moreover, we deliver all the medicines used in our geographical area of activity within a short time span and at discounted rates.