Customized Marketing Solution

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Marketing Solutions

The Market is not changing, it has already changed and there is no turning back. The marketing environment is also fragmented across customers, the consumer is the patient, the decision maker is a physician and the payer at times is a third party, the insurer. Developing an effective marketing strategy in such an environment requires a more customized and agile approach.

Saarathi’s rich expertise facilitates multiple stakeholder engagement opportunities that aid in the development of offerings customized to individual product needs. Brand and product teams utilize our effective marketing solutions to support and augment their sales and marketing efforts at different stages of the product cycle.

  • Strategize and launch new product

    We assess market opportunity for a proposed new product, then create and Implement a new and modern product strategy, including value proposition development for different customer groups.

  • Maximize revenue of existing brands

    By optimizing interrelated marketing decisions including product positioning and Innovative technology backed marketing initiatives.

  • Increased sales force effectiveness

    By augmenting the sales efforts through constructive and technologically driven innovative solutions.

Our Process