Data Management


Data Management

Data today is transforming the discussion of what is appropriate or right for a patient as well as for the healthcare ecosystem. It provides valuable inputs to all the stakeholders and helps them take informed decisions. Accurate data capture coupled with the right analytical tools for decision making have many valuable pathways that assist the pharma companies with everything, right from patient research to providing clinical decision support.

We meticulously analyse the data for various client needs and create customized presentations. With patient records as the basis, we assist pharma companies in garnering valuable inputs through customized IT solutions.

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Our Process

At Saarathi, comprehensive records of all the enrolled patients are maintained and updated regularly. These are available as a ready reckoner to the doctors, laboratories and most importantly the patient. For instance, if a patient needs to undergo a certain test, Saarathi coordinates with the lab and updates the reports in the CRM to help them understand the nature of the disease and progress of the treatment.

Health Progress Report

Patient Data Managment
Data Managment