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Patient Empowerment Solutions

Non-adherence to Medicines is a major healthcare Cost and Quality related problem. The cost of non-adherence has been estimated at $100 billion to $300 billion annually. As a result, patients have to deal with a diminished quality of life, shorter life spans, and higher long-term health costs. Treatment outcomes are not solely dependent on drugs alone, but involve various other aspects such as diet, exercise, compliance to drug, psychosocial aspects, side-effects etc.

Our Solutions

Saarathi services are primarily focused on patient-centric coordinated care supported by CRM platforms to deliver high-value treatment outcomes and empower patients to take control of their disease through awareness, patient-centric support, and counseling.

Patient Education

‘If medicines could talk, they would introduce themselves and instruct their users too‘. Saarathi offers comprehensive Patient Engagement Solutions that leverage world-class virtual, 3D learning and education environments to educate and influence patients for better treatment outcomes.

Patient Counseling

The paradigm of care and the distinctive stance that it demands of clinicians is poetically captured by a letter penned by novelist John Steinbeck to his personal physician, in which he incisively relates “What do I want in a doctor? Perhaps more than anything else—a friend with special knowledge”. Apart from medicines, doctors and facilities, psychological support, motivation and a clear understanding of the disease are essential to achieve optimum results.

Tele counseling
Saarathi undertakes tele counselling on disease conditions and lifestyle queries by trained counsellors with state-of-the-art tele counselling infrastructure supported by the latest CRM platforms. Our center comprises more than 100 counsellors with expertise in more than 20 therapies and fluency in more than 15 languages.
Physical counseling
Saarathi undertakes physical counselling by expert counsellors, who provide personalised advice and lifestyle care for unique clinical conditions. With a network of counsellors in different geographic locations, Saarathi is able to provide specific services catering across multiple geographic locations and demographics.

Financial Assistance

Struggles with medical expenses can lead individuals to file for bankruptcy. Any form of patient empowerment will fall short if the required finances are not available to meet the medical treatment. Saarathi, through its tie-ups with various financial institutions, assist patients to get loans for their medical treatments.

Compliance achieved on different Therapies