Patient Screening


Patient Screening

The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it can be cured or successfully managed. Early diagnosis of a disease leads to its timely treatment which in turn helps to prevent or delay problems arising from the disease. Treating a disease early may also make it easier for the patient to live with the disease.

Saarathi’s concept is focused on bringing a paradigm shift in the episodic healthcare delivery model by expanding it to include prevention and chronic condition management. This model helps us create a win-win situation for all the stakeholders-the early detection and treatment help patients in leading a healthy life while the additional prescription helps in generating additional revenues for the Healthcare companies.

Our Process

Saarathi’s Data Management Software is designed to quickly and easily create subgroups by patient profiling in terms of age, gender, demography, income-group, disease prevalence, etc. Identified groups are then reached through multiple mass contact mechanisms and sensitized on disease conditions, severity, etc. We then engage specialists from respective geographic locations to carry out health screening and diagnosis.

Touching above 50,000 people
monthly through patient screening

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