Point of care Products

Point of care Products

Throat Scope

Throat Scope has been designed to take the stress out of oral cavity examination by providing one free hand to help hold a patient’s head in place and a light source located inside the mouth for fast and accurate diagnosis. Oral Cavity Examinations can be pleasant and exciting for everyone! Throat Scope lighting throats around the world! It features:

  • CE Marked
  • US FDA approved
  • TGA Approved
  • Product from Australia

Soft Plus

The Soft Plus concept is the exclusive method which assesses the health and beauty of:

  • Skin (complexion and body)
  • Cellulite
  • Hair and hair scalp
  • With 6 measurements for the skin, including unique tests such a pH and temperature, innovative micro-camera consultation programs including a 3D analysis of wrinkles and pigmentation mapping, and up to 20 consultation programs to cover all of your client’s needs (from head to toe)
  • Soft Plus is the only completely stand-alone system (PC Linux system). Gone are the days when instruments are to be connected to PCs to operate or store patient files.

ECG Pen-Single lead ECG

  • US FDA approved
  • Patent CN1923136A
  • Click Pressure trigger
  • Advanced Holter technology
  • Perfect match on hardware & software
  • Summary result for end user

ECG Pen-App for Comprehensive Management

  • IOS & Android
  • Live reading captured through Bluetooth
  • Enter patient demographics
  • Separate sections for BP & ECG
  • Can email ECG to any mail id in pdf format

MyDiagnostick-AF Detection

MyDiagnostick is patient friendly

Devices on the market today use ECG skin electrodes to be attached to the patient by medical professionals. This prohibits the autonomous use of these devices over a long monitoring period. MyDiagnostick uses hand electrodes and by its intuitive nature can measure the ECG within seconds, several times per day over a period of weeks or months. MyDiagnostick is easy to use, it requires no knowledge or preparation, it is compact and very robust and can be used discreetly without any assistance.


MyDiagnostick is a new diagnostic tool for Atrial Fibrillation (AF). The automated test will detect AF in one minute. Diagnosis is presented clearly and simply. MyDiagnostick is able to record and store over 100 ECGs on a single charge. The ECG recordings can be retrieved through a USB connection allowing both clinical confirmation and documentation of AF.

Mic-Fi Digital Dermascopes

Mic-Fi is a line of versatile portable digital microscopes with Wi-Fi transmission. Every device can be connected to tablets or smartphones through a specific Mic-Fi App (iOS or Android) or through a Wi-Fi/USB connection to computers and laptops (Windows or Mac). Using Mic-Fi dedicated softwares you can take pictures, make video and take measurements. This is the new way to observe the micro-world!